Being arrested is no fun. You and your loved one went out for a drink, and before you knew it, the police had arrested someone. What do you do? Who do you call?

That is easy. Freedom has been Fausto’s Bail Bonds business, and we have bailed suspects like you out of jail for many years. We serve Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Southern California communities. You are not just a case number or file; you matter to us. When you contact us, we strive to understand your legal needs and goals and work to exceed your expectations.

When you are arrested, your options to secure a release from jail can be limited. You could spend days or weeks in detention due to a lack of help or money to post bail. Solve your challenge by contacting a reliable bail bond agency to quickly access a considerable sum of money. For professional and reliable bail bond services, contact our office to help you, regardless of the time of your arrest.

We understand family circumstances and issues. Getting your relative or friend home safely and quickly is paramount. We take time to learn about all defendants’ crimes and criminal histories, every co-signer financial situation, and answer your questions. We want to be more than just a professional bail bond agency but also a trusted partner during this stressful and challenging situation.

We pride ourselves on ethical practices, promptness, and professionalism to cater to your needs and confidentiality. We recognize that being arrested is difficult and are dedicated to offering all clients reliable services. We are here to make your release process smooth and seamless without adding stress.

Our mission is to offer all our valued clients confidential, courteous, and fast services. You do not have to go through emotional pain alone. We believe in the constitutional right to bail and that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty. Additionally, we believe that every defendant has a right to a speedy and fair trial and the right to legal representation.

We are a cutting-edge bail bond agency that makes bailing out faster. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can obtain bail on your phone by calling our office at 855-328-7867 or over the Internet. We reduce the replicative writing required from one form to another, making the process faster.

Experienced and Professional Team of Experts

Securing a loved one’s release can be confusing, mainly when working to post bail. Turning to experts is the most effective way to handle this difficult situation. Our clients always reap the benefits of our many years of expertise. We are devoted to maintaining a professional approach and the highest degree of integrity. You can count on our reliability to find appropriate solutions to your needs. We guarantee quality, reputable, and fast service with an individualized approach from the beginning to the end.

We handle all cases with precision and expert accuracy and treat all clients with respect and dignity. While our agents are always dressed professionally, they will never look down upon you because you are detained or think they are better than you. Instead, they will be compassionate toward your needs and interests. Our knowledgeable and qualified bail bond agents also encourage clients to ask questions to be comfortable with the bond process. That is why we are open 24/7. This philosophy has enabled us to grow into a market leader in California.

Our bondsmen meet all the following industry requirements and standards:

  • Possess a valid business license.
  • Offer documentation to establish official licensing by the state.
  • Offer written receipts of transactions and copies of all contracts.
  • Advise you on what the defendant should do to avoid violating their bond conditions.

When you call our office, we will reach the jurisdiction holding your loved one to get the latest information about them. We do this to know what the defendant is charged with and ensure there will be no surprises when posting your bail bond. We recognize this could be a new experience for you, and you might need help figuring out what to do. We will not quote the price and hang up, confusing you more. Instead, we will explain all your available options.

We offer Online Bail Bonds

It is about 6:30 AM, and you are preparing for a work-related meeting when suddenly you receive a call that your relative has been arrested during a traffic stop. You are confused, knowing it is your relative’s first arrest. The concern is common.

Irrespective of the cause of the arrest, we can help you by permitting you to post your bail in the comfort of your home or office. All you need to do is complete and sign your cosigner form using your phone or computer. Next, you should send the form to us via email or fax. You can pay the required premium using payment options like debit cards, credit cards, Western Union, cash, Wire Transfers, Bitcoins, and PayPal. Once we receive everything, we will verify the details and offer your receipts via mail, text, or email, whichever mode you prefer.

Although we would not mind offering a ride to our clients, we are subject to insurance policies and are incapacitated to do so. Nevertheless, with many ride options nowadays, there are numerous choices to plan for after your loved one’s release. You can use Lyft, local taxi services, and Uber. Unfortunately, some California jurisdictions require an individual to pick up the suspect released from detention. In that case, we will tell you early so you can make arrangements.

We Offer Affordable Bail Bonds with Flexible Financing

It can be stressful when a loved one is detained, and you only want to secure their release promptly. However, you might need more money to post bail. Even if you do, you have bills and mouths to feed.

We recognize the financial burden of posting bail at Fausto's Bail Bonds. That is why we are committed to making the process easier for you with numerous flexible payment options.

Every case is unique. Therefore, we have payment plans that meet our client’s individual needs. These flexible plans include the following:

  • Down payment — If you cannot afford the 10% premium, you can negotiate with us for a down payment. It involves paying a percentage of the 10% and then clearing the balance later.
  • Installment payment — With the installment payment plan, you pay an upfront amount first and then the rest in installments. The greater your down payment, the greater your chances of obtaining a reasonable payment plan.

To qualify for flexible financing, your cosigner must meet the following requirements:

  • A good credit score.
  • No criminal record.
  • A stable job.
  • Be responsible.

We value open communication with you, our well-esteemed client, and can adjust the payment plan or explore alternative options if you experience challenges making payments as agreed upon.

When working with a bail bond payment plan, staying on schedule and making payments on time and in full is wise. Otherwise, the court or judge will revoke your bail. We recommend the following tips to stay on track:

  • Be proactive and reach out to us if you are facing financial challenges.
  • Set reminders to ensure you do not miss your payment.
  • Ask for help from your loved ones.
  • Make your payments early.

It is worth remembering that all payment plans are subject to approval. Additionally, we can request collateral to protect the amount we posted with the court. Finally, a previous failure to appear arrest can hinder you from receiving low down payment rates.

Our Discounts are Competitive and Unbeatable

Seeking bonding services involves undergoing an affordable release process. That is why we are dedicated to offering our clients the most affordable service rates and discounts.

Some of our discounts that are inaccessible when working with our competitors include the following:

  • Retained attorney discount — When you have a criminal defense lawyer, they can help you with many services we would otherwise handle, like completing your bail paperwork. In this case, we will gladly offer services at a discounted cost.
  • AARP discounts — You can also enjoy our discounts if you are a member of the AARP organization and above 50.
  • Teachers, law enforcers, and military discounts — We appreciate these professionals and have included a discount for them.
  • Homeowner discounts.

How California Bail Bonds Work

Bail is the amount you, the defendant, or your cosigner deposit with the court, tailored to ensure you attend all your future court hearings. It secures your release as you await trial, allowing you to reunite with your family, return to your employment/business, and work with your criminal defense attorney to build your defense.

The judge sets your bail amount during the arraignment based on the following factors:

  • Your criminal history.
  • Whether you are a flight risk.
  • Whether you pose threats to yourself and society.
  • The nature of your alleged crime (the more dangerous and severe the crime, the higher the bail amount imposed).

The judge can lower or increase the bail amount. They also have the discretion to deny bail. It can happen when another jurisdiction has your arrest warrant or you violate another law after your release on bail.

The court will impose the following terms during your release or for lowering your bail:

  • Not leaving California.
  • Refraining from visiting specific places or people.
  • House arrest.
  • Surrendering your passport and driver’s license.
  • Not operating your car with any amount of alcohol in your bloodstream.
  • Wearing a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM).

There are various types of bail, including cash, posting a bond, own recognizance, and using property. Since bail can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, most defendants opt to work with a bail bond agent like Fausto’s Bail Bonds to acquire a bond, making it the most prevalent method.

We provide the court with a surety bond to release you. In layman’s language, we front the required set bail amount on your behalf to secure your release from detention. We are vouching for you to abide by your release terms, including making all future court appearances.

We charge a 10% nonrefundable fee for our services for your bail set amount. If you appear in court, we will receive the total bail amount we post with the court and keep your premium once the case is closed. If you skip bail, we lose the bail amount unless we locate you and return you to police custody. Some bail bond companies require collateral when securing a bond, especially if the bail is substantial, to minimize their financial risk.

After paying your premium, our responsive and proactive agents will travel to the jail, holding your relative to post bail. How long it takes to be released after paying bail depends on many factors, including:

  • Your paperwork’s complexity — The involved paperwork can be complicated if the law enforcer has to confirm whether you have multiple warrants.
  • How busy the holding jail is — The bail process can be lengthy if your loved one is in a large or busy jail.
  • The number of available staff — Jurisdictions with many employees speed up the processing time, hence short durations between posting bail and release.

When most people contact us to secure their loved one’s release, they do not have the information to help us post bail. Having this information will speed up the release process. Before contacting us, ensure you have the following information:

  • The defendant’s full name.
  • Where the individual is detained (the name of the jurisdiction, county, and city).
  • The defendant’s booking number.
  • The alleged crime.
  • The set bail amount.
  • Your name as a cosigner.

If you skip bail, the court will forfeit your bail amount. Nonetheless, the court can vacate the forfeiture if you show up in court within six months of the forfeiture date and you have a reasonable excuse, like injuries/illness supported by a medical report, disability, or suffering from a mental health condition.

Different Types of Bond We Offer

Whether you are a first-time offender or innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can turn to us for the bond you require. Some of the bail bonds we provide include the following:

  • Bonds for misdemeanor charges — A misdemeanor is any crime with a maximum penalty of a year in county jail and a fine of $1,000. Typical examples are petty theft, domestic violence, drug possession, and indecent exposure. The bail amount varies from one crime to the next but is lower than a felony’s required amount.
  • Felony bail bonds — A felony is more severe than a misdemeanor, increasing the bail amount. It is often stressful and expensive, so it is crucial to work with us if you cannot afford the required amount. Common felonies include murder, attempted murder, arson, carjacking, and kidnapping.

We can also help you maintain a low profile and post your bond even if you have adequate money to secure a cash bail. This is true if you are accused of a high-profit drug-related crime.

The California judicial system typically holds a defendant’s release and schedules a court hearing if it believes the accused obtained their bail feloniously. Feloniously means the individual received the bail amount using an illegal transaction, occurrence, or behavior that is a felony. The defendant must prove their bail’s source. Otherwise, the judge will deny bail or raise the set bail amount.

Clients’ Testimonials

We take pride in sharing what our satisfied previous clients say about our services. Some of these testimonials include the following:

My daughter was arrested after causing a road accident in the wee hours of the night. I neither knew what to do nor had the required bail amount. A friend recommended Fausto’s Bail Bonds. The friendly agents explained to me the process and managed to secure my child’s release within two hours.

Monica J.

While I’m not proud to admit it, I was recently arrested. At first, I was overwhelmed, confused, scared, did not know what to do, and felt alone. I called Fausto’s Bail Bonds, and I’m glad I did. The knowledgeable and compassionate bail agents did not judge me. Instead, they secured my release and told me what to expect from the California judicial system. Highly recommend it.

Clive A.

I called the bondsman with a general question. The answering agent took the time to explain what I could do to resolve the matter. Many people would not have assisted me, knowing they would not get paid, yet they remained friendly and resourceful. It is comforting to know that when you need a bondsman after an arrest, there is a knowledgeable person to take care of everything in a few minutes.

Dumas E.

Find a Skilled and Seasoned Bail Bond Agent Near Me

Fausto’s Bail Bonds offers reliable bail bond services in Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Southern California. We write bonds in all jurisdictions, and our financing options are second to none. We can extend credit so you can reunite with your family, return to work, build your defense, and secure a fast and professional release from police custody. You can trust us to guide you from the onset to criminal case closure. Our compassionate agents understand you are facing a challenging situation and are here to make you feel like family, with zero judgment. We provide caring, courteous services that support and empower the community and allow you to give back to society.

Our services are available round-the-clock whether you need advice, seek general information, or require our bailing services. Please call us at 855-328-7867 for reliable, fast, affordable bail bonds.